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MobilityFirst Future Internet Architecture
Computer Science Summer Workshop York College, CUNY
Summer 2014
Shweta Jain
Instructor: Shweta Jain, PH.D. Email: email_sjain
Office: AC-2D04 Office Hours: Saturday 11:30am-noon
Phone: 718-262-3856 Room: AC-2E03B
Time: Saturday, 9am-11am Website: https://sond.commons.gc.cuny.edu

Workshop Description:

This workshop is designed to introduce young researchers to the philosophy and design principles of the Future Internet Architecture initiative. After an introduction to various projects in this initiative, the focus will be on understanding the MobilityFirst project and the related software development and API. This workshop will consist of various lectures where we will discuss several ongoing research topics. We will read and summarize various research publications in order to understand various components of the MobilityFirst architecture. Toward the end of he workshop, we will develop a simple application that uses the MobilityFirst API to communicate and interact with the other similar applications in the network.

Textbook and Material

All course material will be provided at the workshop Learning Objectives At the end of this workshop, young researchers will be able to

  1. Describe the philosophy of future internet initiative
  2. Summarize various design principles of the MobilityFirst architecture
  3. Write applications that use the MobilityFirst API


Attendance is mandatory. Researchers who sign up for this workshop must be committed to attend each session and are allowed fewer than 2 absences. Each researcher should be willing to spend 3-4 hours after each workshop to complete the required assignments.

Other Requirements

Researchers should complete all reading and writing assignments before attending each session

Schedule of Topics

(Updated 07/18/2014)

Week 1: Introduction to the Internet : Past and Present and the Future Internet Initiative – Slides

Week 2: Overview of the Named Data Network (NDN) project – Slides

Week 3: Overview of the expressive Internet Architecture (XIA) project – Slides

Week 4: The MobilityFirst Project: Overview (Select a final report topic) – Slides

Week 5: The MobilityFirst Project: Routing and transport – Slides

Week 6: Introduction to the click modular router – Slides

Week 7: Introduction to the MobilityFirst Software API (NDK) – Slides

Week 8: Simple application using the MobilityFirst API (Final reports are due)


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