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Project Phases and Requirements

This project has two phases:
1. Workshop phase – Open to all qualified students who apply
2. Research Phase – Open to students who successfully complete the workshop phase

Workshop phase – 

Day/Time: Every Saturday starting July 12 t August 30, 9am to 4pm

Place: York College, Room AC-2E03B

Open to all qualified students who apply

Two 8 week workshops in July and August
1) Android software development workshop – 4 hours per week

  • This workshop prepares students with tools to write applications.
  • Covers basics of writing applications for android platforms.
  • Hands on workshop and has several required lab assignments.
  • Students will need to spend 4 hours outside the workshop to complete
  • assignments

2) MobilityFirst Future Internet Architecture – 2 hours per week

  • This workshop prepares students for research
  • Covers conceptual details of one of the Future Internet Architecture projects that has its home at Rutgers University
  • This is a theoretical workshop and has bi-weekly reading and writing assignments

Students will need to spend 2 hours outside the workshop to complete assignments

Research Phase – September 1st to November 28th
Open to students who successfully complete both workshops – 6 students will be selected

  • Students will work in teams of two to develop social network applications on android platforms
  • Each team will use the MobilityFirst Native Development Kit to build applications that allow communication when the Internet infrastructure is not available
  • Students will attend weekly group meetings which includes a brief seminar talk and team presentations of progress. These are formal events and each team must prepare slide shows for its presentation
  • Each team will have 2 to 3 reading and writing assignments during this phase
  • Each student will be expected to work 10 hours a week and like any other on-campus job, they will be compensated for their time.
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